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Marius Egeland

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Architecture website with a unique layout.

Marius Egeland Architects is a design studio based in Lillesand, Norway, specializing in unique modern houses and holiday homes. Founded in 1976 and renamed in 2017 when Marius Egeland became a partner, the studio is driven by a passion for creating bespoke spaces that utilize natural materials. With a focus on well-conceived and thoughtfully detailed architecture, they aim to enhance the spirit of their surroundings and incorporate characteristic landscapes into their projects. As a small office, they offer personalized service and value the strong relationships they build with clients. By transforming the way clients live and enhancing their quality of life, Marius Egeland Architects delivers rewarding designs that prioritize the architect-client relationship.

Web Eight Studio provided Marius Egeland Architects with services that included developing their website from Figma to Webflow and creating a collections system to showcase their new clients and blog. We also ensured that the website was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and reflected the uniqueness and quality of their work. The benefits of our services to Marius Egeland Architects were numerous. Firstly, their website was transformed into a sophisticated and professional platform that accurately represented their brand and values. The collections system we created allowed them to easily update and showcase new work and blog posts, attracting and retaining more visitors to their site. This increase in traffic translated to more leads and potential clients. Additionally, by streamlining the design process and creating a user-friendly interface, we enhanced the overall user experience, which resulted in positive feedback from clients and visitors alike. Ultimately, our services helped Marius Egeland Architects to improve their online presence, establish their brand as a leading architecture studio, and attract new clientele.

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