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Alpha 10x

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AI powered analytics with optimizations.

Alpha10X is a company focused on impact investment and decision intelligence. They aim to connect people, capital, and ideas to address global challenges through innovation. They recognize that innovation can have exponential effects and believe that artificial intelligence (AI) holds the potential for groundbreaking advancements in various fields. However, the complexity of innovation poses a problem, as investors lack the necessary decision intelligence systems to navigate this complexity and identify the most promising startups and ecosystems. Alpha10X offers a solution by analyzing vast volumes of dynamic and multi-dimensional alternative data to provide decision support for investors. Their team consists of experienced professionals in the fields of technology, science, and leadership. Alpha10X has offices in the United States, France, and Luxembourg, and they can be contacted via email.

The team at Web Eight Studio provided Webflow website maintenance services for Alpha10X's website. We worked closely with their marketing team to target a to-do list and optimize conversion ratings through multiple sprints. Our services not only improved the overall functionality and user experience of their website but also helped increase traffic and engagement. By implementing new design and functionality features, we were able to better showcase Alpha10X's unique solutions and services in a visually appealing way. Overall, our maintenance services helped Alpha10X present itself as a cutting-edge company in the impact investment and decision intelligence space, improving its online presence and ultimately benefiting its business growth.

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