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Financial service with lottie animations

L/CFO is US based team of proven CFOs dedicated to helping digital agencies achieve permanent profitability. With a focus on driving growth and profit, L/CFO offers services and processes that assess starting points and goals, create and manage structures and systems, define key metrics, and set strategic goals with actionable plans. The team at L/CFO consists of former digital agency owners who understand the unique challenges faced by agencies in the industry. They specialize in working with web agencies, marketing agencies, and professional services firms, offering industry-specific insight to inform financial strategies. L/CFO follows a Profit First model, a cash flow management program that positions agencies for long-term profitability. Their expertise and experience are backed by positive testimonials from satisfied clients who have seen increased financial visibility and achieved their business goals with L/CFO's guidance.

Our team helped L/CFO with a complete website launch, Figma was the primary design tool, and then developing it using Webflow CMS. We created a collections system on the website, which showcases their new clients and blog, allowing L/CFO to effortlessly manage and display their updates. To enhance user engagement and create an immersive experience for the website visitors, our team also created Lottie animations. These animations add value to the website's aesthetics and further improve the user experience. The new website design has helped L/CFO to increase its online visibility and attract potential clients, as well as improve user engagement. By showcasing their services, processes, and team expertise, the website provides potential clients with a clear understanding of what L/CFO has to offer. With the complete website redesign, L/CFO now has a powerful tool that represents its brand online and drives organic traffic to its website. The website gives its audience a clear and compelling reason to choose its services over competitors. The clear, concise website messaging showcases the expert knowledge and experience of the L/CFO team, inspiring confidence and trust in potential clients.

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