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The first freelance finance ecosystem in the world

Vlorish is the world's first freelance finance ecosystem that revolutionizes budgeting for the digital economy. Their patent-pending technology offers a comprehensive suite of features that disrupt the accounting services, budgeting, and credit scoring industries. With Vlorish, users can effortlessly manage their personal and business finances through dual budgets that are beautifully integrated. The platform provides real-time transaction data, debt payoff tracking, financial goal setting, investment tracking, net worth tracking, and estimated tax calculations. Users are assigned a unique Peer score™ that evaluates their financial wellness across various aspects of their financial life. Vlorish prioritizes user privacy and does not trade customer data for profit. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Vlorish is dedicated to helping freelancers save money, improve budgeting, and achieve financial success.

We provided a range of services to Vlorish, including a full rebranding of their marketing site and web application, as well as a complete UI/UX redesign of the web application, onboarding video, and mobile app. The agency became Vlorish's chief UX architect and developed the design in Webflow from Figma. They also created a content management system for features, blogging, and teams, and implemented custom animation, conversion rate optimization, SEO, and email automation. The new design improved user engagement and conversion rates, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the content management system made it easy to update the website with new features and content, while the SEO and email automation helped drive traffic and customer engagement. Overall, the web design agency played a key role in helping Vlorish revolutionize budgeting for the digital economy, providing users with a comprehensive suite of innovative financial services.

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