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Venture capital with custom chart and google map.

Skagerak Capital is an investment firm focused on building companies that create sustainable, long-term value. With a portfolio of 28 companies and a team of 566 talented individuals, they aim to make a positive impact on people and the planet. They invest in companies that tackle challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity, believing that technological innovations can contribute to a better future. Skagerak Capital supports and shares the mission of their portfolio companies. They are open to collaborations with ambitious talent and companies that align with their vision. Stay connected with Skagerak Capital by signing up for their newsletter.

Web Eight Studio provided Skagerak Capital with several services to enhance its online presence. First, we developed a dashboard where they could share their dynamic investment results.  This helped them to establish themselves as industry leaders in their field and attract a wider audience.Additionally, we created a collections system to showcase their team, highlighting the expertise and experience of their 566 talented individuals. This allowed potential clients and investors to get a better understanding of the firm's capabilities and the people behind it.We also automated a Google map for new locations and financial charting. This made it simpler for visitors to the Skagerak Capital website to see where their portfolio companies are based and gain an understanding of the financial performance of the firm.Overall, our services helped Skagerak Capital to improve its online presence, attract new clients and investors, and communicate its mission of creating sustainable, long-term value.

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